Interpreting Your Dream Moods Using a Dictionary

A dreams dictionary can be enormously helpful in interpreting your dreams, although your dream moods will always affect how you interpret your dreams. Most North and South Americans and Europeans were raised in a more-or-less Christian culture, whether Catholic, Protestant, of Orthodox. Christian imagery saturates the culture in ways few of us are readily aware of, and of course it influences our dream moods, regardless of our faith or degree of belief. For those of us who are not knowledgeable about the Christian faith, a Christian dream dictionary can help us interpret the symbolism of our dreams. However, it’s very important to pay attention to your dream moods in your dream, because as DreamsCloud wisely observes at, no dreamsdictionary can ever provide give an absolute interpretation of your dreams.

If, for example, you dream of a consuming fire, perhaps even of being consumed in the fire, there are many ways to interpret this. A Christian dream dictionarymight explain that just as the Roman emperor Nero burnt early Christian martyrs alive, burning was also the traditional Christian punishment for heresy. Alternatively, fire symbolizes light and warmth, cooked food, hospitality and community, civilization against the dark, passion, even life itself. In its more intense positive images, fire takes on the symbolism of being annealed and purified in the smith’s forge, or refiner’s fire. If Jew or Christian, we are also reminded of the miracle story of Shadrach, Mishach and Abednego, who were joined by either an angel or Christ, in the fiery furnace where the KingNebuchadnezzar II had them bricked up for refusing to worship him. When they did not burn, he freed them.

Your dream moods at the time you dream of fire indicate how you might interpret your dream of fire. Burning, then, can be taken as a fear of a particularly cruel punishment for transgressing the orthodoxy of your time or faith: you may be undergoing a spiritual crisis and fear punishment if others learn your faith is weakening. You may also fear cruel persecution and martyrdom for adhering to your strong religious beliefs. Or you may be undergoing a spiritual or emotional trial that you fear will either destroy you or temper you. Finally, if you are a lucid dreamer, you may be able to shape your dream in a way that supports how you would like to resolve your emotional crisis. Of course, you may also be simply dreaming of the light and warmth of the hearth, and the capacity of the forge and the furnace to turn ore into workable metal.

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